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Thread: UbiSoft Giving Entirely New FaceLift To Prince of Persia

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    UbiSoft Giving Entirely New FaceLift To Prince of Persia

    UbiSoft Giving Entirely New FaceLift To Prince of Persia
    Ubisoft are planning on giving the latest Prince of Persia Latest series an entirely new facelift. For starters they're ditching the Sands of Time (which means no more rewinding or slowing down time) as well as the Prince we were introduced to in the Sands of Time for a new character who doesn't come from sort of a Royal family. He's merely an adventurer who’s trying to save the world against the corruption that threatens to engulfs it.

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    Well this is not a good news bcoz POP lovers are not going to like this. If they bring an entirly modern system theres nothing goin to be left as for ancient civilization COz iam also The Prince Of Persia Lover

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