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Thread: Google Trends for Websites is just another Alexa! (9)

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    Google Trends for Websites is just another Alexa! (9)

    Google Trends a engine developed by Google was previously used to record the queries of Google has now been extended for providing traffic data estimates for websites.

    The updated Google Trends for Websites again left behind the small blog’s & website’s in the dust. Its the same thing that Alexa did some years before. As these small blogger have a very low traffic as compared to the leaders, these smart engines like Google Trends or Alexa can’t just figure out stats for smaller one’s throwing them into the dust cloud again.

    I shaped some small websites & blogs on Google Trends and the results were very disappointing. A lot of sites were simply kicked off from the Google Trends index. Here is a graph of some popular messaging clients ending up in dust on Google Trends:

    The main source of data for these engines either Alexa or Google Trends are their browser toolbars. They never show up data of their own like if you check for Alexa ranking, they are no where to be found. Same happens with Google as the crowd who have installed these toolbars must had visited their sites, thus these engines will show 100% of Internet traffic reaching their sites which is not so.

    Remember the data shown by these engines are just estimates drawn with the help of toolbars. You cannot totally rely on them but you can use it for estimate figures.

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    really nice info....

    i never knew abt this...

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    Thanx Darani

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