How To Install RAM In Laptop

Installing Larger RAM is the easiest way speed up your laptop computer. This Post will guide you about installing laptop computer’s memory or RAM step by step.
You should know about RAM, that while installing the connector must be in it place in the RAM slot

1. First of all save your work or data. Shutdown your laptop and close the display screen.

2. Remove all externally attached devices like USB, external hard disk or printer.

3. Now unplug the A/C power cable or adapter .

4. Now turn The Laptop upside down and remove the battery.

5. Loosen the three screws of the RAM slot cover.

6. Lift the cover upward and install the new RAM in the slot according to pictures.

7. Now put the RAM cover on your laptop and tighten the screws

8. Now place the battery, attach the external devices and plug the laptop into A/C adapter and ON your laptop computer.
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