You are the one, who have
lit the candle of my life,
You are the One, who brought hope
in my tarnished world,
My life has changed ever you met me.
You know all the stones and
Flowers in my garden
You know me now much better than myself.
You care me like a baby
And you seek all happiness in my life
And you want all good from me,
Why you do so much to me,
Many a times I annoy you
Much often I even hurts you
Though I never mean to do that.
You have become mine source of Inspiration
And your guidance have become my need
Without your word feels like
I m breathless, Promise me you will
Remain same and give me breath to my life,
Promise me you will be same as you are
to me to feel this world
Let me know this world till my last breath
and promise you won’t let me die