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Thread: InFocus X10 Projector

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    InFocus X10 Projector

    InFocus X10 Projector
    Large screen TVs are phat and all, but ask any movie buff and they'll still tell you that nothing beats a good projector. The InFocus X10 aims to make a splash in helping you construct your own home cinema system, and it won't break the bank either at 1,099. Features of the X10 include :-

    * Native contrast ratio of 2,500:1 (7,500:1 with the iris turned on)
    * Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080)
    * 2m HDMI cable
    * HDMI, DVI, component, composite and S-Video inputs
    * Auto-adjusting color gamut and black levels

    One major drawback would be the lamp life of approximately 2,000 hours - a far cry from a plasma TV's rating of 100,000 hours, not to mention the high cost of replacement bulbs. Still, if it makes you feel better, the X10 will come with a 2-year warranty for the unit with a 6-month lamp replacement scheme.

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