Samsung W510 - First Bio-Plastic Materials Mobile Phone
Samsung W510 is the company's first phone that includes bio-plastic materials. More exactly, the back cover of the handset is made of plastic obtained from corn. Plus, unlike most of the phones on the market, the W510 does not contain elements like Mercury, Lead or Cadmium.
Samsung will be rolling out what it calls a "green phone", the W510. The reason why it is green is because it is made out of bio-plastic, a natural material extracted from corn that won't pollute the enviroment as much as a manufacturing standard cell phone would. It will hit the Korean market later this month, so if you want one you can always head there and pick up a handset unlike any other. After all, it is hard to argue against an applied water-soluble coating, right? Makes me wonder just how much of an environmental impact the 3G iPhone will make assuming it hits the 10 million sales target. Another green phone from Samsung would be the F268 that has an alarm function that alerts the user each time it is fully charged so that you won't waste any power leaving it plugged in.

The features of W510 were not unveiled yet, but we can see a photo camera with flash, a pretty wide display and mobile TV capabilities, hence it's most probably a mid-end device. The W510 will be available starting this month (June) in South Korea, for a price that has not been announced yet.