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Thread: Dell New Ultra Portable NoteBook Pair - E and E Slim

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    Dell New Ultra Portable NoteBook Pair - E and E Slim

    Dell New Ultra Portable NoteBook Pair - E and E Slim
    Dell new ultra portable notebook pair called E and E Slim. It is a very slim notebook pair, and one has an 8.9-inch display while the E Slim measures 12.1 inches in diagonal.

    New Dell notebook measuring just 0.8-inch thickness, the E Slim, will start to conquer the market and both models will come with built-in webcam, Bluetooth wireless transfer capability and will run on Windows XP and Linux operating systems, but they will feature an instant-on operating system called BlackTop which gives users access to emails, calendar and contacts. These cool laptops will receive mobile broadband capability starting October and WiMAX later.

    The new Dell notebook, Dell E low-end model, is rumored to come at a starting price of just $299.

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    nice laptop dell

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