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Thread: Beautiful Tommorow

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    Beautiful Tommorow

    I missed my day, completely today
    But I would not , tomorrow
    For the days are mine, world is mine
    All the life is totally mine

    I missed my fortune, all way today
    But I would not, tomorrow
    For luck can't be bad everyday
    leaving just pains totally my way


    I missed my path, totally today
    But I would not, tomorrow
    For I would reach back the right way
    Making my path clear by today

    I missed my soul,somewhere today
    But I would not, tomorrow
    For I would start my life afresh
    Fragrancing my soul in every possible way

    I missed my everything, only today
    But I would surely not,tomorrow
    Though tomorrow might not be my day
    My little hope lets me live my life this way..

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    hmm nice one ash..take care....

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