It may be a while before Aishwarya Rai Bachchan turns a blogger.

But she has posted a comment on Ram Gopal Varma’s blog, in reply to a comment by another blogger!

A blogger commented, “Shankar (Abhishek Bachchan’s character name in Sarkar Raj) looks like an emotional fool when he opens his heart to a girl from America whom he met yesterday!”

Ram Gopal Varma’s tongue-in-cheek answer was, “‘May be, he has a weakness for worldly beauties.”

But Aishwarya probably took the above ‘weakness…’ comment about her hubby Abhishek, to heart. For, in response, she’s posted a rather long reply. It reads…

“When you have two people ‘confide’ in each other, it’s such a personal experience, it underlines a deep connection between the two on various levels and makes this obvious to the observer. Here the audience.


Given the realistic space in which the characters express themselves which is very much clear in the language of the film (Realistic in acting, dialogue, camera etc.) we chose CONFIDING IN as hugely intimate an experience to convey this deep connection, rather than ‘fans blowing hair and clothes, background aalaaps or song, round trolley movements, or rain out of nowhere and waltzing etc’ to convey this. It’s all in the Eyes of the Characters and in the intense intimacy of confiding!!! That’s SARKAR RAJ!”

We’re still wondering if she was talking about Abhishek, her hubby, or his character in the film, Shankar!