We will also promote & sell our brand globally and bring added dollars back “into” the USA economy. Since we are forging this path with great success, we believe that our knowledge of the Chinese market could help stimulate the economy for many others with similar goals. As you will see in the picture below, we tested this theory in May 2012, by debuting a Vintage Heartland Brand lingerie fashion show. We needed five police officers to control the crowds and keep the hundreds of photographers in line. The setting wasn’t New York or L.A. or even Nashville — which might have been appropriate considering the label’s homespun look and country appeal — but China, where Vintage Heartland Brand wowed visitors at the annual Shenzhen International Lingerie Show with a booth set up like a barn and country music playing blaring as every one was singing along! The Chinese consumer went gaga over the new label’s blend of stylish garments and old-fashioned American showmanship that gained Vintage Heartland Brand coverage on five Chinese TV shows, along with an hour show on SOHU- the Google of China, and features in over 100 International lingerie websites & blogs.
Vintage Heartland Brand, it seems, needs no translation.


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