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    Lahore Jalsa Photos

    Lahore Jalsa Photos

    LAHORE: The returning officer has cleared the nomination papers of Imran Khan, paving the way for the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief to contest the May 11 general elections from Lahore’s NA-122 seat. The cricketer-turned-politician is slated to contest polls from NA-1 (Peshawar-II), NA-56 (Rawalpindi-VII), NA-71 (Mianwali-I), and NA-122 (Lahore-V) constituencies. Speaking to reporters at the Karachi Airport on Saturday, Khan said that the result of the polls would be similar to the outcome of the 1992 cricket World Cup, which Pakistan had unexpectedly swept under Khan’s captaincy. Khan said that the deployment of the Army at polling stations was critical for security during the coming election. He said that the democratic process would fail if the people are unable to cast votes due to security concerns.


    Regarding seat adjustment with other parties, Khan said that negotiations were underway concerning the matter. A decision on Khan’s nomination papers for Rawalpindi’s NA-56 is also expected Saturday. According to reports, the returning officer has reserved ruling on the objections raised against Khan’s candidacy. A local Pindi resident had raised the objection that in his memoir, “Me and My Pakistan,” Imran Khan “had confessed to consuming liquor,” thus violating the constitution. The RO had asked Khan to ‘clarify his position’ regarding the allegations. Meanwhile, Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has withdrawn his nomination papers in support of Khan for the NA-56 seat.

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