If you were a tear in the wind ever blowing
My hair and in my face I'd breathe you in
So you'll fill me up and be a part of me
It's love in a tear anyone can see and feel
Cause together we are one and meant to be

We give You our hearts to guard;
trust You to lead us every day,
into Your plans and purpose,
to guide us in every way.
We offer our love to You,
Our home, and all that's there;
We ask that You come to dwell,
and keep us in Your care.
As the sun comes up each morning,
until at night, it sets,

Give us Your peace and comfort,
and may our bodies be blessed with rest.
For, surely, we belong to You,
and commit to You, all our plans;
Always and forever. . . .
we trust our love in Your hands