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Thread: A Love Letter To A Soldier

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    A Love Letter To A Soldier

    A Love Letter To A Soldier --

    My Dear Love,

    When you hear me whisper “I love you!”
    Please do not take this lightly;
    For it is spoken
    as loud as a lion’s roar;
    as soft as a kitten's purr.

    And these words shall travel afar;
    for the love I hold for you is
    as deep as an ocean’s abyss;
    as high as the stars in the sky.

    I want you to know -
    Whenever you look up at the stars,
    I am there,
    cheering you for your bravery.

    also want you to know -
    Whenever you look up at the moon,
    I am there,
    admiring you for your loyalty.

    Even though we are far apart,
    my love for you continues to grow.
    My heart sings songs of victories
    as you courageously protect our land.

    I look at your picture everyday,
    holding it next to my heart.
    I see you proud and brave!
    I see you blessed with faith!

    I salute you,
    My Wonderful Soldier!
    I salute you,
    My Dear Love!


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    great one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by unnikrisb4u
    great one...

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    lovely post...

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