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Thread: 20 sentences which i like most!

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    20 sentences which i like most!

    20 sentences which i like most!


    1. Nothing is unachievable if done with sincerity!
    2. Promise what you can deliver!
    3. Just concentrate on your present task and you’ll get what you want!
    4. Mere saying is of no use in absence of proper acting!
    5. Have a strong faith in your own abilities and give your best to whatever, whenever you do!
    6. Don’t give ears to others!
    7. Be cool, calm in any case at any time!
    8. Never ever look for any kind of help from anyone for free!
    9. Have a strong look on your actions!
    10. Never ever worry about other's reactions!
    11. Never ever think more than twice on any issue!
    12. Never ever waste your time on those issues which are unnecessary from your target point of view!
    13. Never ever participate in oral/verbal fight with anyone due to any reason at any time!
    14. Whatever you want to do, just do now!
    15. Scanning of strengths and weaknesses is must to exploit opportunities & overcome threats!
    16. If you think too much, you can never come to a sound conclusion!
    17. Never ever say, “ oh! My God! What I've done?” after doing anything at any time1
    18. Never ever have any worry regarding anything due to any purpose/cause!
    19. To do right things at right time, right thinking plus right faith is must!
    20. Never ever blame any other person for your any failure at any time!

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    21... Your postings are good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by unnikrisb4u
    21... Your postings are good...

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    wise thoughts...

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