Living an “I Can” Life

If you’ve seen the Jim Carrey Movie “Yes Man” you may have a slight idea about living an “I Can Life” Of course it doesn’t mean you have to say yes to every request thrown at you, because you just might end up with the same escapades that Jim’s character had in the story. Well, for those who have not seen it. I recommend the movie because it will really get you thinking.
What is an “I Can” Life?
This kind of life is a life of unlimited potentials. Anything can happen to you and you will feel alive as ever. Everyday will be an adventure because every task leads you to new discoveries, new acquaintances and new experiences. It is living a positive life where you see things in a different perspective. You must have heard the sayings “A rainbow is just a smile upside down.” or “There is always a silver lining behind a cloud.” No matter how corny these may sound, this is the only way to think and live if you truly want to be happy.
First Step: Stop Complaining
A person who complains constantly sees only the bad things that are happening around him or her. In the process, you fail to see the good things that are happening at the same time. Remember, there is always a reason for everything. You just have to have faith and believe that something good will come out of the situation. Instead of complaining, why not keep quiet and analyze the situation. I assure you, you will find something good out of it somehow.

Second Step: Find a SolutionWhen a problem arises, do not focus on the problem, what caused it and who is to blame. Many times we dwell on the anger and judgment on the guilty person that you waste time instead of finding a solution. Focus on finding a solution and stop stating the problem. Once is enough to inform everyone. But once you already know the issue, set aside the blame and anger and channel your energies to finding a solution.


Third Step: Trust Your Capabilities
When something goes wrong, fear also gets in the way. You would probably go on and say “I’m dead!” and run to the hills or retreat to your room. But every problem has a solution. Every task has a way of solving itself. When you begin to lose faith in what you can do, then you are in a way…dead. It is a dead end to say “I can’t do this.” You are fortunate if there are people who believe in you and would support you. But for most cases, you are on your own and the only ones you can count on are your two hands to help you. Whether you succeed or fail, you have to try and give it your best shot. Remember the saying “Winners never Quit. Quitters never Win.” You have to at least try.
Fourth Step: Take Risks
If you are not in a problematic situation but instead you are aiming for a dream, the “I can” attitude is to take risks. Try something new and see where it takes you. When life gets too comfortable and predictable, it gets dull and boring. You will feel lost and unsatisfied. It is the risks that you take in life that will give you be the best memories of your life. If you are offered an interesting job that you have never experienced before, weigh the pros and cons and you will be the judge if it is worth a shot. Of course, I am not asking you to go on top of a moving truck or anything deadly of such (unless you are a daredevil in the making). All I am saying is, if an opportunity comes and you don’t have much to lose, lose your fears and give it a try.
Fifth Step: Stay Positive
The world has its way of making people pessimistic and negative. The I can person is the one who is thankful for every waking morning. He or she smiles a lot and is nice to everyone. An I Can person sees the glass half full and not half empty. I hope you understand what I am getting at. I am not saying you should go weird and talk like a hallmark card. All I am saying is cheer up! Life is sweeter when you look at the bright side of things. And when things get difficult or something in life seems unattainable, success and happiness starts with the simple words “I can!”