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Thread: Teach Me Life

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    Teach Me Life

    Teach Me Life

    So this is life.
    Sometimes not right, and trust me mine is never right.
    My world is like a never ending fight,
    I keep fighting back but I always fall.
    I just stand there and watch myself fall over and over again
    I seem to never please anyone.
    I try so hard but it's never worth it.
    My life is a puzzle, but none of the pieces fit.
    A year ago this was never in my mind.
    So I'm not going to lie and say im fine,
    Because if you look deep in my eyes you will find it all.
    Love, hate, anger, lies, regrets and fear.
    I find myself at night praying over and over again.
    I pray that God will give me the strength to keep going.
    He is the one that seems to keep my blood flowing.
    My whole world is already crashing.
    And no one even knows.
    So why try. Tell my why.
    If this is life then teach me how
    Teach me how to care.
    Teach me how not to break down.
    Teach me how to live.


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    kinda sad..but good post...

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