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    HI Friends,

    "THE BIBLE" is one of the WORLD'S most favourite and most read book all over the world. It has a pretty good historic account of how Israel came into being to the redemption of mankind from sin.... It starts of with how GOD made the heavens and the earth to the birth of JESUS CHRIST to His crucifixtion.... and with a promise of His coming for those who believe on him....

    CHRISTIAN means "Belonging to CHRIST"... and as such is only a relationship between Jesus Christ and the particular person. However, through the years a lot of materialism has entered the Christian teaching and thus the true meaning of being a CHRISTIAN has taken a backseat....

    THe BIBLE - derived from the greek word BIBLIA meaning "books" - is the Sacred book of the CHRISTIANS. It is believed that God spoke to various pious men through the HOLY SPIRIT and thus the book was written with inspiration from GOD.....

    Although of late there have been controversies about the Authenticity of the information in The Bible, for the Christians all over the world (and for me) it really is the only truth!! I would prefer that this thread be not turned into a discussion about the authenticity of The Bible.

    The very basics outta the way... lemme explain what I endeavor to do in this thread....

    I'll post a Verse or passage from The Bible that I like or that has helped me or influenced me very much. I'll try and keep it updated. If any member would like to post his favorite passage from THE BIBLE, they are welcome to do that...., but please DO NOT digress from the original intention of this thread, which is to post passages from The Bible (specifically speaking - The Christian Bible)!!

    PS for Mods of this section : If this is the wrong section for this post, please move to appropriate section (except the Trash Can Evil)... Thanks!!

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    John 3: 16

    For GOD so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!!

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    good religious post...

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