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Thread: Love is like magic

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    Love is like magic

    Love is like magic
    And it always will be.
    For love still remains
    Life's sweet mystery!

    Love works in ways
    That are wondrous and strange
    And there's nothing in life
    That love cannot change!

    Love can transform
    The most commonplace
    Into beauty and splendor
    And sweetness and grace

    Love is unselfish,
    Understanding and kind,
    For it sees with it's heart
    And not with it's mind!

    Love is the answer
    That everyone seeks....
    Love is the language,
    That every heart speaks.


    Love can't be bought,
    It is priceless and free,
    Love, like pure magic,
    Is life's sweet mystery!

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    poem is great ash . Keep up the excellent work

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    good work ash... lots of love thoughts and poems... hmmm..

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    a lovely poem ash....

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