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Thread: LAST word is FIRST...

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    LAST word is FIRST...

    Hi all super gamers!!

    How are you all doing?

    Here is a game..

    I will write a sentence...any sentence..

    and the next person should write a sentence beginning with the last word of the above person's sentence..

    RULEZ: 1: begin your sentence with the above person's last word
    2: Be as krazzy as you can be!!!

    ok now i wail start the game..

    Finally the rains are here!!

    Now the next person begin a sentence with the word "here"..
    Even if your sentence sounds krazzy, let it be!!! ISI MEY THO MAZAA HAI!!!


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    Here is the second and coolest sentence for you!!

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    you are really cool!!

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    Cool is word that suits Nidokidos better than any other!!!

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    other than u i like napster

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    napster is the moderator of this forum...

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    forum is good

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    Good Things comes to good people!!

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    people are crazy .

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    crazy is best word for me!!!

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