Scene I:

Nitish Katara, son of an IAS officer, was allegedly killed by Vikas and his cousin Vishal Yadav on the intervening night of February 16-17, 2002.

They had allegedly abducted the victim from a marriage function in Ghaziabad. His body was later recovered from a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr District.

According to the prosecution, Katara, a business executive, was killed by the accused, as they did not approve of their sister, Bharti Yadav’s growing proximity with him.
The trial court judgement convicted prime accused Vikas and his cousin Vishal Yadav in the case who are son of Mr.D.P.Yadaw a politician and an alleged don.

Lots of witnesses who initially testified against the yadaws later turned hostile perhaps due to fear or other factor.
Mrs Katara with patience and courage stood up alone with dwindling lists of witness who were alleged threatened.The criminals were convicted.

Scene II:

Jessica Lal murder case ..several saw what happened and how was Jessica murdered in cold blood. Most of the eyewitnesses turned hostile, even her so called friends from modeling world who were tending the bar.
Result: great difficulties to bring the witnesses to the book because they were all big shots politically and had underworld links.
But finally guilty were punished.
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Lots of such cases happen were criminals go scot free as witnesses do not testify or turn hostile.
Police apathy in witness safety is there in India and no there is no programme for witness protection.
In such scenario what will our viewers do if they ever end up witnessing a crime..a murder..or other heinous act.
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This is not a test of bravery. It is to explore the reaction and opinions of the viewers!!