A lot of people have described the 23rd March "Naya Pakistan" gathering as one of the most memorable days of their lives, and it wasn't much different for me. I had been to the 30th October jalsa before and that being my first jalsa experience, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Needless to say, I was blown away by the turnout and the events of that day. This time around the preparation started a few days early. With a whole bunch 'Vote for Kaptaan' t-shirts printed for friends and family, my friends and I decked out in our PTI gear, we made our way to Minar-e-Pakistan. We arrived just before 3, and the crowd grew steadily as the day progressed.
People of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life stood there in one ground. The josh, passion and jazba reached unscalable heights. The entire day was spent yelling our hearts out in naaray baazi, and when Imran Khan arrived at the rostrum to the tune of Jazba Junoon, goosebumps could be felt and one could be forgiven for thinking it could not get any better than this. This was when the evening took an unexpected turn, and as if answering the call of Khan sb's tsunami, El Nino attacked with all its might. Stupendous winds, lightning and thunder, and the rain lashing at us like pin pricks, we stood there with the crowd listening to Kaptaan make his promises to the nation. The speakers in our area eventually gave way (take note DJ Butt), but it didn't matter. The crowd roared and so did we.
As Imran Khan concluded his shortened speech, we started making our way out of the ground overawed at we had experienced. With our car parked at the railway station, we looked for a rickshaw but in that weather among all those people, this was an impossible task. What transpired was one of the best parts of the day, as we made the 25 minute walk to the station in blinding rain (it was dark and I wear glasses) and wind, with the streets thronging with countless others like us. Every now and then one of us would shout "Kaun bachaye ga Pakistan?" and the crowd walking along would roar "Imran Khan, Imran Khan". Weary, drenched to our bones but high on adrenalin, we walked on when a couple of jeeps passed by and right at front, an equally drenched Imran Khan was waving at all his supporters as he went along. By the time we made it home, each one of us felt like Naya Pakistan was already a reality.


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