I woke up at 4a.m and instantly climbed out of bed. I was restless and nervous and kept walking from room to room. When I heard the call for Fajr prayer, I offered my Namaz and prayed to Allah that everything goes well, nobody gets hurt and all the people who are standing up for change return home safe and sound.
11a.m. I, along with my family, left the house for Minaar-e-Pakistan. Our car had PTI flags on the windows. On the roads, I could see many other cars which were painted red and green for the day. It was indeed a refreshing sight.
When we reached the first Cannt check post, the police stopped our car and asked us where we were going with the flags on our car. When we told them where it is was we were headed they asked us to go back.
'Kya matlab wapis challay jayein?'
'Hamein bohat sakht order aaya hai, Ma'am. Kissi bhi flags walli gaadi ko aagay nae aanay dena.'
So we made a U-Turn and took an alternate route. As close as we were getting to our destination, the number of Red and Green people was increasing. A point came where all I could see were just PTI flags and Imran Khan shirts. That place was near Data Darbar. People were gathered in great number and the traffic had been stopped. Looking ahead, I could see 2 containers that had been placed to block the road. No car could go further. But was that going to stop the Tsunami that was going to wipe out all barriers?
My family along with many other families parked the car near Data Darbar and walked the 15 minute walk towards a Naya Pakistan; we walked towards Minaar-e-Pakistan with flags in our hands and passion in our hearts. Walking on the road, wearing red and green, I felt, after a very long time, that we had come together. Despite our differences we were walking with one goal, one dream, one purpose towards one destination. On that road, nobody cared who was a Muslim or a Christian, nobody cared who was Sunni or Shia, nobody cared who was rich or poor.. we walked together, as one!
That 15 minute walk was a light from a star guiding us in the dark. That 15 minute walk was hope. It was faith. And the reason behind it- Imran Khan!
On reaching Minaar-e-Pakistan, I felt different. It was the atmosphere, the smiling, bright, hopeful faces. On every person's face was a 'I don't want to be disappointed' expression. Standing on that ground, I looked at the beautiful Minaar-e-Pakistan. 73 years ago that day over there, Pakistan Resolution was passed. A dream of a country where Muslims would prosper, would be safe, where justice would have a meaning, where education had value and where an ordinary man mattered.
I realized, we definitely had come a long way since then.
It was drizzling in the beginning. Above us, we could see clouds but there was sunlight coming from one end. It was when Faisal Javed said:
'Aik taraf baarish hai, doosri taraf roshni hai! Yay baarish puraanay Pakistan ko dho dallay gee!!'
As the sky grew darker, people kept storming inside the ground. The Jalsa started off with PTI songs and with speeches from PTI party members. But every man in the crowd was anxiously waiting to hear their leader's voice. Every man was waiting to be assured that he was safe from injustice, that somewhere along this darkness there was a ray of hope.
And he came. He came on stage to talk to his people. The people were happy, but it seemed as if the skies had been waiting for him longer than we had. As soon as Imran Khan began to speak, lightening flashed across the sky, thunder could be heard and down came the heavy rain like a million falling stars.
This is not an exaggeration, not in the least. This is just what I saw. And it ignited in me, and the millions of people standing there, a flame. Nobody moved from their position. Imran Khan asked us: 'Darr tou nae rahay ho baarish say?!'
To which we replied : 'NAHEEEEEN!'
We were all there to witness a Naya Pakistan. And we were not going to move till we laid its foundation! The rain was not stopping us, it was in fact, motivating us. It was producing a charge within ourselves. The gushy wind was helping carry our loud noise all the way to Islamabad. A noise, a voice, a message which said 'Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai!'
The wind was so fast it was getting hard to hold our flags, but we stood firm with faith. No harm could be done to us while our leader was himself standing without an umbrella, promising us he would never lie to us! What more did we need from this man? While Imran Khan made his 6 promises, I saw people (including grown men) grow emotional, almost on the verge of tearing up just by listening to their leader make promises. Because everyone knows, Imran Khan is not a cheat. If he's promising something, he's going to keep it.
When Khan said, 'InshAllah jab PTI ki hakoomat aye gee tou Governor House ki deewein torr di jayein gi!', it was followed by lightening and loud thunder, again exciting the crowd. Standing there in the rain listening to one of the greatest gifts to our nation, I felt alive. It was, indeed, the best of feelings.
March 23, 2013. The day my leader made 6 promises to me, and I in return made 4 promises to him. March 23, 2013. The day I witnessed my Nation waking up. March 23, 2013. The day Naya Pakistan was made.
Thank you, Allah, for such a successful event

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