This is Muhammad Jamil, from Lahore. I was there at Jalsa, and it was my life's first ever Jalsa, I've never attended any such event and never casted my vote in any elections. But I'm now a die hard supporter of PTI and will vote this time for PTI, my entire family will do so also.
Regarding Jalsa, it was amazing experience, but I'd like to highlight few of the negative things here, for the sake of improvements. First of all, the area allocated for the Jalsa was not even near to sufficient. The campaign and build up to Jalsa was astonishing but Jalsa Gah was not sufficient to accommodate the people, there were almost same amount of people outside of ground, who found no way to get in, and thus returned or stayed out.
Secondly, I think organizing team should have taken weather forecast into account while making preparations. IK's speech was precious and it was hugely interrupted by rain. If there were counter measures in place, and had IK completed his speech and announced manifesto, things would be even more great.
However, the Jalsa in my opinion was a complete success, I can't forget the electrifying moments when heavenly wind was blowing, there was heavy rain and Imran Khan standing in front of us, addressing with his magical voice, what more I could expect.
I congratulate PTI team on the Jalsa and am looking forward.
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