Dr. Waseem Shaukat (Dairy Development & Capacity Building Manager): I was one of the participant in yesterday’s Jalsa. It was Imran Khan’s vision who inspired a person like me, who has always been far away from such political events, to an extent that I was physically present at Minar-e-Pakistan yesterday. I am really proud to be part of it. The more I get chance to listen IK, the more I get closer to him. A friend of mine asked me that you went to the Jalsa and what you found out. I replied, “I found Josh and Janoon. I found People from all classes of society and age groups. I saw aged men with sticks in hands, I saw people on wheelchairs, I saw children, I saw youth and I saw women. I saw People with jeans, people in tie coats, people with shalwar qameez, people with dhoti Kurta, ladies in jeans, ladies in scarf, ladies in hijab. Everyone was charged with a passion to change Pakistan.
I got an inspiration which will keep me fighting against this corrupt system and contribute towards bringing honest and sincere leadership in my country for a brighter Pakistan. This inspiration is for now and forever.”
I love Imran Khan and believe me the speech of Imran Khan was the best I have ever heard. Someone said he has not presented the manifesto of PTI. I think yes, due to rain he couldn’t, but I said “If one want to understand, IK has presented the manifesto in one line when he said ‘Iyaaka Na’abudu Wa Iyaaka Nastaeen - ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین’

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