At Minar-e-Pakistan on 23rd March I witnessed a change second time in my life, the first instance was 30th October 2011.
I saw people from every walk of life in that jalsa, with a hope on their faces, a hope of a Pakistan with Justice, Peace and Equal Opportunities for every citizen, where a hope of new Pakistan without the evil faces of viel sadistic men who call themselves leaders today, leaders behind bullet proof boxes, looting tax money and exploiting the valuable resources of this country and it's citizens. I saw hope of a Pakistan lead by a brave and honest leader like Sir Imran Khan a brave man who knows the art of leadership like no other in this country till date. On 23rd March I was standing in middle of the great gatheting of about a million hopeful Pakistanis witnessing a wave of change that came after decades of it's creation.
I and we all hopeful Pskistsni citizens will work hard until we bring this change to our beloved country under the leadership of Imran Khan.
May Allah help us in this struggle for a new and better Pakistan. INA SHA ALLAH

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