First and foremost I am not an individual taking interest in politics, what brought me to the PTI gathering was my concern and love towards my country. Imran khan is the only hope and that hope is what took me to the gathering.
While I was standing amongst the crowd, listening to the speech of Imran khan, I felt as though the change was in the air. The way he Quoted Quran verses, the way he advised to seek guidance from the life of holy prophet, I loved it. Even the rain was rhythmic to his speech, as though itís backing every word of him. I at that time sensed the change in the air, my vote will be for Imran khan I had made sure itís registered and I will make sure it goes to PTI, Inshallah.
May Allah do the best for Pakistan, May Allah guide us all to the right path. " ó at Minar E Pakistan !!!

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