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Thread: Friend Is SomeOne Special

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    Friend Is SomeOne Special

    Friend Is SomeOne Special
    A Friend is someone special
    Sharing moments that are precious
    Always true, yet like a perfect diamond
    Are rare and few

    Unconditional times are spent
    Through laughter and tears
    These memories will last
    Through out the years

    When you are troubled
    And your burden is heavy
    A friend is there
    To chase away your tears and worries

    A friend is always concerned for your well being
    Lending advice for you to learn when needed
    Never demanding or judgmental
    A friend is truly sentimental

    So always remember at any given day
    A true friend showers you with love and sincerity
    And forever in your heart they remain
    Thank you for being my friend

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    What is a friend?
    "A single soul dwelling in two bodies". - Aristotle

    thanx mrina for good wordings

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    nicely said about frnd....lovely post

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    lovely post....

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