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Thread: CaN't LiVe WiThOuT yOuUuUu

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    CaN't LiVe WiThOuT yOuUuUu

    Do you know who I am?
    The man you love!
    Who stays up nights.
    Who thinks of you.
    And do you care enough,
    to think of me,for what I am?

    I canít live without you,baby!
    You are the only one.
    I care enough,to think about.

    I canít live without you,honey!
    You are the only one.
    Who cared enough,to comfort me.

    Do you know what I need?
    The love in life,youíld give to me.
    And if you share your life with me.
    I will think of you everyday.

    I canít live without you,baby!
    I need your loving ways.
    Your tenderness,your sweet caress.

    I canít live without you,honey!
    Your love,just fills me up.
    It gives me strength,to carry on.

    Do you know where to be,when I arrive,
    to share my love?
    Would you stand next to me?
    So I can hold,and comfort you.

    I canít live without you,baby!
    Your loveís the greatest thing.
    The ultimate desire for me.

    I canít live without you,honey!
    Your love will never end.
    It will stay with me eternally.
    Till the end of all time.

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    cheers ashu

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    thanks napster

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    ashu no thanks samje

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    sunny.. good posting...
    keep it up!!!

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    thank u unni

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