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Thread: TP Summer Internship Graduation Ceremony

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    TP Summer Internship Graduation Ceremony

    TP Summer Internship Graduation Ceremony

    Development & Growth

    At Telenor we hire people for their potential and ability and then we provide them with the environment to grow and develop within our network. There are numerous opportunities that our employees can take advantage of such as: International job and project opportunities for development and knowledge sharing via expatriate assignments. Possibilities to work virtually and globally and use latest technical solutions. Best in class development programs led by recognized schools and trainers

    Green Field Projects
    Telenor Pakistan has established its reputation as a trend setter in the industry and has always paced ahead of its time to discover new horizons. Our green field projects range from the launch of the company in Pakistan to our recent launch of financial services which aim to bank the unbanked masses. Be a part of the dream teams that take the first step for giant leaps!

    CSR & HSE The telecom industry has the power to transform the society, which is why corporate social responsibility is an important part of how Telenor Operates! We take seriously the social, ethical and environmental impact of our products and services. We place emphasis on making sure that the communities in which we operate see Telenor Pakistan's as a good citizen with genuine ambitions to contribute to social and economic development. We give our employees reasons to be proud of the way Telenor Pakistan's demonstrates responsibility for Corporate Responsibility and Health, Safety & Environment. Public Recognition Our stakeholders acknowledge our efforts! Each year we emerge as a stronger component of the market that we operate in. Telenor Pakistan has been the proud recipient of the following awards for its Human Resource Practices: 2010 Best Place to Work Award ( Across all industries in Pakistan) from Pakistan Society for HRM & Engage HR 2009 Most Preferred Employer ( Across all industries in Pakistan) from 2008 HR Excellence Award ( Across all industries in Pakistan) from Pakistan Society for HRM & Engage HR 2007 Most Preferred Graduate Employer Telecom by PSHRM

    Work Philosophy
    At the heart of our business strategy lies our work philosophy. We believe in creating a work environment that allows you to work when and where you want, enables you to communicate freely with your co-workers and managers, and ensures your safety and well-being. Our offices encourages communication and new ideas. We encourage our employees to relax at work and enjoy our in-office facilities such as gyms, game rooms and cafes. We believe that employee work life balance is critical to our business success. At Telenor work is not your job but something that inspires you, what you must love to do! Whichever area of the business you're considering on joining, you'll work under the umbrella of what we call the Telenor Way which essentially encompasses how we work at Telenor. We believe the Telenor Way helps create sustainable growth for the business, individuals and society. Telenor Pakistan promises exciting career opportunities in the following areas: Commercial The Commercial Division is responsible for understanding our customers need, the market and the competition. Our marketeers are primarily responsible for developing the Company's go-to-market strategies, promotions and products, brand philosophy and communication. Positions can exist in many areas, including Segments, Business Intelligence, Sales & Distribution, Brands, Product Development, Value Added Services, etc. Human Capital The value Telenor places on our employees knows no bounds and this division reflects our commitment to the company’s most important asset, its human resource. Positions in Human Capital exist in areas such as Human Resource Business Partners, Organization Excellence, Employee Services, etc. Technology Planning, Implementation and Operation of our expansive network is the core responsibility of our Technology Division. It also provides enterprise services internally that enable us to work and share information. The division promises challenging careers in areas such as RAN Planning and Optimization, Network Operations, Technology Strategy, Business Support System, etc. Financial Services Financial Services manages the mobile financial services launched by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank under the ‘Easypaisa’ banner. The vision of Easypaisa is to provide convenient, reliable, secure and speedy financial services. The division is our latest green-field operations and provides career opportunities in Pricing & Strategy, Products & System Operations, etc.

    The Finance Division aims to fulfill all financial requirements while minimizing the risks involved on financial and accounting sides to ensure Telenor remains a vibrant and healthy enterprise. Careers in finance include areas such as Business Planning & Analysis, Risk & Assurance Management, Financial Control, etc Corporate Affairs These areas promise exhilarating career options for those who enjoy working on stakeholder management, long term strategy and special projects. Career opportunities are available in areas such as Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Legal, Regulatory and Public & Government Affairs Customer Care Division The Customer Care Division is responsible for managing all customer service touch points including the call center and our sales & service centers located across the country. Careers in Customer Care Division include areas such as Customer Services, Sales & Service Center professionals, Service Excellence, Insourcing, etc.

    Telenor Shared Services
    Telenor Shared Services Pakistan is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Telenor Pakistan, incorporated in July 2009. TSS careers include working on international initiatives that allow making our business across our OpCo’s more efficient and reliable.

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