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Thread: Tulsi Tea - Maharaja's Blend

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    Tulsi Tea - Maharaja's Blend

    The Maharaja of Jambange extolls the virtues of Tulsi Tea

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    Tulsi is a Common in Indian Homes and Temples

    The Tulsi is a very popular plant. You will see it in almost every Indian home and temple. And Tulsi has been used in the ancient Indian mission called the Ayurveda. And the Tulsi itself is called Basil, it’s a holy basil. We call it holy because it is used in worship. We make garlands out of Tulsi, we annul deities with Tulsi, and one of the most popular Indian gods Krishna is wearing a garland made of Tulsi.The Entire Tulsi Plant has Various Uses

    The Tulsi itself has been used to treat many kinds of ailments, which include everything associated with common colds, you can make a tea out of it, for mouth infections, to relieve stress and also for kidney stones. You can also treat insect bites. Here is an extract of the root, which is sold, and this is an extract from the Tulsi leaf.


    Every part of the plant is used. The Tulsi leaves are used to make extracts, and to take by mouth. It helps you feel stress relieved, very pleasant. You can find Tulsi on the internet, like everything else you can find on the internet. And you can also get fresh Tulsi in many grocery stores, because it is also used for cooking.
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