And, on a lighter note, Chinese gardeners are turning a gritty industrial landscape green. Residents in Chongqing city are transforming rooftops into innovative mini farms. Let's take a look.

Environmentally friendly residents in China's southwest city of Chongqing are creating mini-farms on their rooftops.

These green-fingered gardeners are growing organic vegetables and fruits like eggplants, peppers, green beans and balsam pears.

One local resident grows more than ten varieties of vegetables on his rooftop farm.

[Local Resident, Urban Gardener]:
"These vegetables are not only a source of organic food, but they also help improve our environment. You can see that it's all green here now."

Rooftop gardens and farms create a pleasant environment for city dwellers. But, some property management and residents are uncertain about property owner's rights.

A local city lawyer says rooftop space is accessible to all interested gardeners.

[Wang Qianjin, Lawyer]:
"According to the current laws and regulations in China, the rooftop belongs to all property owners in the building."

Wang advises budding gardeners to get permission from at least half of the owners in the building, before starting a rooftop farm.

The lush greenery on rooftops is creating a splash of color to the industrial landscape of Chongqing City.

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