The Chinese regime technically owns most of the land in China. That makes for trouble when government developers want to tear down homes, and the homeowners refuse to sell.

This is just one example. An elderly couple refused to sign a demolition order on their house. So developers just built the road around it.

Luo Baogen and his wife refused to leave, even after all their neighbors had gone. According to their former neighbors, the two said they had not received enough compensation to rebuild their five story house elsewhere.


It's a typical example of what has become known as a nail house. In Chinese it's called "Dingzhi Hu." It describes how these homes are left to stick out like nails from construction sites, refusing to be hammered down.

It's a surprisingly common scenario. This man in Wuhan made a homemade rocket launcher to defend his property.

Families are forced to move out of their home homes for little or no compensation. Resistance is often met with extreme brutality. And since land developers often team up with the local government to take the land, residents are sometimes forced to take matters in their own hands.

In 2010, three people in Jiangxi Province set themselves on fire to stop the demolition of their homes. One later died of the injuries. The house was still torn down.

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