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Thread: Why is my child scared to go to the park alone?

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    Why is my child scared to go to the park alone?

    Q. My 3.2-year-old child started going to school a month back. He is active and likes to play, but every time I ask him to go to the park and play with other children he asks me to go with him. Otherwise, he does not go to the park (which is exactly in front of our home). He never goes alone in the park and does not play with children of his age. Instead, he likes to play with a little girl of two years. What should I do? How do I make him more confident?

    A. Children need a secure attachment base with the parent before they can venture out alone. A three-year-old child is often not confident enough to go alone to play, and may require an adult for supervision. Do not pressurise your child to go alone. He will very soon want to go out by himself, and will learn to interact with children of his age


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    ya the parent-child bond is extremely important while the child is 0-5 years...good Q&A....

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    ya truth

    gud post da

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    thanks naturalelegance

    cheers da

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