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Thread: @#$%&* THE PERFECT WIFE *&%$#@

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    @#$%&* THE PERFECT WIFE *&%$#@

    Jokes being universal and ageless, "MAY BE A REPOST"

    Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny

    A very handsome, rich, young aristrocrat, the most eligible bachelor had not got married. His worried parents, well wishers and friends asked him what the problem was.

    The young man said, "I am still searching for the suitable girl whom I can marry. I want my wife to perfect in four areas. She should be a maid in the scullery, a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the parlour and a whore in bed."

    After some time the young man found the perfect woman of his dreams. They were married amidst great pomp and grandeur. It was only later that our young man realized that though his wife had all the wanted qualities, there was a problem.

    She was a cook in the scullery, a maid in the kitchen, a whore in the parlour and a lady in bed!!!!!

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    ROFL!!! Good one dude!!

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    nice one ....

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