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Thread: The King Khan Effect....

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    The King Khan Effect....

    As long as he acts, there will be people who will hate every second he spends in front of the camera, and there will be an even greater number of people who will never let his movies flop. He is to Bollywood what Sachin is to cricket and what Ronaldo is to football. When he leads, the nation follows. This is the effect Shahrukh Khan has on the Indian audience! What really is the King Khan phenomenon?

    Thanks to IPL and game shows and advertisements, there’s no missing him on TV. The relentless coverage has led to an unparalleled number of columns and pages in newspapers. And then there are actors taking potshots at him in their blogs! The man who has remained the highest paid actor for years has become a subject of interviews, news, opinions and controversies for the past few months. But is SRK really worth all the hype our media showers on him, or is it just their obsession with him?

    And if his mere name presence guarantees superhit status to a film, where is the need to be in every frame of every show on TV, media, print and hoardings all over the country? Has the Baadshah of Bollywood lost his Midas touch, what with his team finding themselves out of the race for super IPL stardom?

    Does the star of stars really have what it takes, or are his acting skills overrated? Is the SRK magnetism restricted only to Bollywood or does it extend to the people, places, companies and events he is associated with? Is he the best brand ever churned out by India or is he a spent force.

    Votes and Comments Needed....... Smiley Smiley


    Everyone can cast two votes and I know everyone would feel casting two votes seeing the question people....I'm waiting for some good nice comments here...

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    Abhi and Rani

    Abhi and Rani

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    Abhi and Rani

    Abhi and Rani

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