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    In A Nutshell

    In A Nutshell
    by Sara Suvada

    I think of you often
    Do you think of me?
    So sweet, so kind,
    Do I even cross your mind?

    I know your face in my mind,
    I know your voice in my ears,
    I think I know you,
    Even through these years.

    Are you my friend?
    Are you my love?
    That couldn't be,
    You don't even see me.

    I cry myself to sleep,
    Every night my mind wanders,
    If you're not the first thing,
    You're the second thing on mind.

    My eyes see you,
    My heart aches,
    For a love I assume,
    Will someday bloom.

    Who said friends could be lovers?
    What were they thinking?
    My love life, sinking or swimming?
    It's sinking.

    I am scared
    I am afraid
    My life right now
    Is one big show.

    Episode after episode,
    Re- run after re- run
    Why do I love you?
    Let me show you.

    When you are around me
    So is the thought of her
    I wish deeply
    You weren't with she.

    I have respect for a couple
    What they share is beautiful
    But what about the little people?
    Whom you don't even see?

    When you are my friend
    I am yours
    Your company completes me
    Whenever you take the time.

    To tell you the words
    The three "easy" ones
    I have to say,
    And hard in a way.

    Will you be calm?
    Will you hate me after?
    Will you be my friend?
    Or will everything end?

    With love, there's lust,
    I lust for you,
    I love you.
    As for your thoughts on me?

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    hmm nice post buddy again might be a repost ...well don't worry it happens

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