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Thread: 1000 Times For 1

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    1000 Times For 1

    1000 Times For 1
    by Dave


    If I have kissed you once,
    I have kissed you 1000 times.

    Each morning as I arise.
    Each night as I drift to sleep.
    Each hour of every day.
    Each moment before it goes away.

    The kisses shared between you and I,
    Have many times reached the sky.
    As your lips part and anxiousness increases,
    Your heart pounds and breathing ceases.

    My lips leap to yours hungry for the taste.
    Sweetness drips from you to me
    As desire grows, my heart races.
    Inches apart seem as miles waiting.

    The miles increase as space shortens.
    Time appears to stand still.
    So close yet so far.
    When? Now, please now?

    Once more, 1001.
    Make it 2, so many more.
    Caressing ever caressing those
    Tender lips, each time as the first.

    If I have kissed you 1000 times,
    I would give them all away
    To make the dream a reality,
    And kiss you once.

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    hmm nice one...good share

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