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Thread: Alkaram Designer Collection UMAR SAYEED SPRING 2013

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    Alkaram Designer Collection UMAR SAYEED SPRING 2013

    Alkaram Designer Collection 2013

    The fashion heavy-weight, Umar Sayeed has been on the global fashion radar for the last 20 years, a name with instant worldwide recognition is synonymous with ultra-chic and understated glamour; hence he is one of the biggest designers to hail from the Sub-Continent. A rolodex full of high-profile clientele, from the first lady Mrs. Sehba Musharraf to Mrs. Fouzia Gillani, the wife of current Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Umar has raised the bar of fashion in Pakistan, India, Middle-East and Europe. Umar Sayeed now hits the stands in North America. Umar has not only been an unvarying nominee since the birth of the Lux Style Awards, which is the most prestigious fashion and entertainment award, but has also won the award three times for best designer in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

    For Umar Sayeed the palette is wide open and he is not afraid to mix it up. The sartorial elegance, detailing and freshness make him the king of designs. A leading name in haute couture, Umar’s romantic, crystal-encrusted evening and bridal gowns have attracted brides-to-be from various countries. His creations comprise of luxurious details such as hand beading and dazzling craftsmanship. Umar integrates hand embroidery with both delicately intricate and bold designs. His heavy formal creations herald the same feminine aesthetic as his bridal ensemble, the end result is classically regal, yet unmistakably sexy. Silhouette, embellishments, palette, motifs, all seem to bow in front of Umar Sayeed – perhaps that is why he is the only one who knows the secret to creating an ever-lasting spell of beauty.

    Umar also indulges select male clients with his exclusive menswear line, including embroidered shirts, formal jackets with well-placed appliqués and fine details.

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