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Thread: Traditional Faiza Samee taps the lawn market

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    Traditional Faiza Samee taps the lawn market

    Faiza Samee taps the lawn market

    Like most designers in Pakistan, Faiza Samee (who has been doing beautiful block-prints for 30 years) joined the lawn bandwagon with her very first lawn collection launched by Al Karam Textile Mills at Emerald Towers on Thursday.

    At the red carpet event, managing director at Al Karam Textile Mills Fawad Anwar, said “Faiza Samee is the ultimate name that comes to mind when thinking of fashion, prints and colours. The effort she puts in is remarkable.” “Having worked with many designers, I have seen that not many people can meet our expectations. Samee, on the other hand, personally gives her time, ideas and delves into the project,” he addes.

    Samee made her entrance in a blood red lawn outfit. “I am very excited about this launch. I have been approached by many textile mills for the past two years. But for the first time, I signed the deal with Al Karam and that was because they convinced me that I could do things my way.”

    She described her collection by using three categories: the trendier lot, the classic appeal and the festive mood. She said that she wanted a complete “Faiza Samee experience” in her collection. “I have always been inspired by the 1950s, when fashion really picked up. In my collection, there is hardly any embroidery.” Samee had 17 designs with each print available in two shades.

    While she admitted that lawn is a hot new dimension for designers due to its commercial success, she also said “It’s a beautiful phenomenon, particular to Pakistan. People in India, on the other hand, just like to wear jeans. They say people who have bigger budgets buy designer lawn.”

    Designer Wardha Saleem was also spotted in the crowd. “I am excited about Faiza’s collection. She has always been a traditional designer so for me, to see what she has brought in her lawn collection would surely be awe-inspiring,” she said enthusiastically.


    The red carpet opening was followed by a fashion show, where models walked down escalators, wearing Faiza Samee lawn outfits, and posed for the crowd. Published in The Express Tribune, July 15th, 2012.

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