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Thread: GooD FriendS......!!!!!!

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    GooD FriendS......!!!!!!

    GooD FriendS..... .!!!!!!

    GooD FriendS Are Hard To Find.
    GooD FriendS Are Easy To Love.
    GooD FriendS Are Presents That
    Last Forever And That Feel
    Like Gifts From Above

    GooD FriendS Are One In A Million.
    GooD FriendS Are Stories To Share.
    GooD FriendS Know The Path To Your
    Happiness, And They Walk With You
    All The Way There.

    GooD FriendS Are Lives Overlapping.
    GooD FriendS Are Laughter And Tears.
    GooD FriendS Are Emotions So Deep
    That The Trust Just Keeps Growing
    Over The Years.

    GooD FriendS Are Hard To Find.
    GooD FriendS Are Easy To Adore.
    And You've Been
    Such A Good Friend To Me
    ...That I Could Ask
    For Nothing More.

    Thanks for Being
    Such a Wonderful Friend!!!!!

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    Friends are always GOOD!!

    thanx for the post yar,,,

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    nice post ...but its repost i think atif or someone posted it before never mind like friends poems to can be repeated n number of times

    nice signtaure barish

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    barish lovely post on friends...

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