Remove the 370 clause of Kashmir :

It’s a fashion that any politician goes to Kashmir than they declare beneficiary package related to Jammu & Kashmir state. PM of Man-Mohan Singh has also followed this bad tradition. They have declared Rs. 24,000 crores for Kashmir development (as per donation on behalf of government) during their visit to J & K. We do not oppose for this donation but dangerous thing is that they told and decided to decrease military from Kashmir valley. During their journey of J & K, terrorist activities do not stop or decrease but so many incident of terrorist attack has taken place inside our border and also from outside the boarder of J & K. Our PM has decided to talk with Hurriet conference for keeping peace but leader of Hurriet conference are not ready to talk about peace keeping without involving PAKISTAN. Sir, when there are lots of weapons are coming from boarder of PAKSITAN, with support of PAKSITAN than what is the reason to decrease our military from J & K? We do not see peace at any place in Kashmir. Our hindu brothers Kashmiri Pandits are not also able to go back in J & K. Terrorists do not decide to give up their weapons then behalf of this, why we are playing this drama to decrease our military? Is it any plot to support or get political benefit from anyone? It is dangerous politics to take vote of Muslims and get political benefit by smooth attitude against terrorists of J & K and also Muslim criminals of whole the country. Now it is probability for India to face dangerous result in future.


When we have seen that there were our so many soldiers, pera-military forces are died from attack of terrorists as well as in Kargil episode. Behalf of this, after the death of more than 10,000 soldiers the govt. is taking the decision of decreasing troops in Kashmir. Is it right decision when PAKISTAN does not stop proxy war? Our PM has declared Rs.24, 000 crores for J & K but what about our Kashmiri Pandits who are leaving in the refuge camps in so many states. Its question arise in mind of people of India, if our PM has any feelings about our Kashmiri Pandits then they have to declare one percent of this amount related to J & K.

Behalf of special clause 370 from long time for J & K, Jammu & Kashmir does not able for its own development and behalf of this Indian government has to give so many help in all territory and also pressurized to declare beneficiary package for them. It means that this special clause 370 is totally failed. So, we have to remove special clause of 370 immediately. I think Kashmir should become an ordinary state without any special clause or power.

Thank You,
Mayur Dave.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.