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Thread: Royal treat!!!!!!!

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    Royal treat!!!!!!!

    its full of dry fruits n therefore known as a royal treat.m sure you people will love trying it.

    * 1 cup almonds (roasted)
    * 1 cup pistachios (roasted)
    * 1 cup cashews (roasted)
    * 3 cups dry dates
    * 3 cups sugar (powder)
    * 1/3 cup pistachio (powder)
    * 2 gms saffron (powder)
    * 1 tbsp ghee


    * Mix saffron and sugar powder and keep aside.
    * Boil water and put dates in it and cook until the dates become soft.
    * Take out the dates and grind it dry.
    * Fry it in ghee in a heavy bottomed pan.
    * Chop almond, cashews and pistachios into slices.
    * Make a mixture by adding all the above ingredients.
    * Grease a plate with ghee and spread the above mixture on it evenly and sprinkle some pistachios and almond slices over it. Leave to set for some time.
    * When set firmly,cut into diamond shaped pieces or into squares as desired.


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    hmm i like trying out different dishes..i'll try it out soon..thankyou...

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    thanks for sharing

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