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Thread: mixed fruit punch||||

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    mixed fruit punch||||

    refresh yourself with the most delightful drink in hot summer

    * tsp lemon juice
    * 1 tbsp. lemon squash/cordial
    * 1 oz. orange squash/cordial
    * cold water1 cup
    * tbsp juice of fresh ginger
    * 1 tbso apple(peeled and chopped)

    For syrup:

    * 1/4 cup sugar
    * cup hot water


    1. Boil sugar and water till sugar dissolves and becomes a light concentrated syrup. Let it cool.
    2. Mix all ingredients except chopped apple to syrup. Pour it into the mixer jar and run the mixer till syrup is uniformly mixed with ingredients.
    3. Pour in tall glass, decorate with apple pieces.
    4. Serve chilled.

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    nice post...

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    its a recepi

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    thanks for sharing

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