Over thousand Pakistanis caught in other nations for fake visa

Islamabad, Jan 20: As many as 1,264 Pakistanis have been detained in various countries for carrying fake documents and visas, the country's Senate was told On Saturday.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry in reply to a query said, of the detained people, 428 were arrested in the UK, 311 in Saudi Arabia, 88 in Germany, 87 in Singapore and 52 in France, besides some other countries.

"Our embassy officials visit detention centres regularly to provide legal services to detained Pakistanis," state minister for Foreign Affairs Khusro Bakhtiar was quoted as saying by The Daily Times.


The missions in these countries help detained people by providing them services of volunteers from the Pakistani community who know about legal systems, he said.

"Emergency passports are issued to Pakistanis whose cases of immigration, asylum and overstay are decided by courts of host countries," he said.

The Pakistan People's Party parliamentarians Senator Enver Baig challenged the ministry's information, saying hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis were languishing only in jails of gulf countries.

Bakhtiar replied that these people in gulf jails had entered there without any documents, while the information provided to the senate was about Pakistanis arrested for carrying fake documents.

Bureau Report