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Thread: Pond's Facewash- Journalists & Bloggers Meetup

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    Pond's Facewash- Journalists & Bloggers Meetup

    Pond's Face wash

    The evolution of Pond’s is a true reflection of the modern woman, who is confident, vibrantly happy, and dynamic. We promise to deliver beauty transformations that make a real difference to women’s skin and the way they live their lives.

    Pond’s was first introduced
    to the world in 1846, when pharmacist Theron T. Pond developed ‘Pond’s Extracts’, a witch hazel-based beauty product. It was the first step towards a true revolution in women’s beauty. The brand’s role as a beauty innovator was further established in 1914 with the advent of Pond’s Cold Cream, a product which became the staple of women everywhere. With... its deep-cleansing benefits and the promise that “Pond’s would change your life”, Pond’s Cold Cream Cold Cream was the one beauty secret that women kept close to their hearts. In the 1950s, Pond’s introduced the ‘7 Day Beauty Plan’, the first beauty regime of its kind and a promise that still holds true today.

    In 2008, Pond’s
    took a new lease on life. Both inside and out, the Pond’s Institute reinvented the Pond’s range of products to further meet the needs of women. The beauty icon’s global rebirth translates to a completely fresh, revolutionary range of face care products. It featured solutions for all skin types, breakthrough formulations, delicate perfumes, and attractive packaging. From the classic cold cream, which was considered a cure-all way back in the day, Pond’s now offers various platforms such as oil control and acne solution for young women on the cusp of romantic discovery; skin lightening for those in search of true love; as well as products that provide the best-proven anti-aging technology for those who wish to renew sparks and rekindle passions.

    POND’S Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

    Pond’s reveals its little black beauty secret with the new powerful Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam! It has the technology of activated carbon that attracts deep-seated ‘black’ dirt caused by impurities, oil and make-up to reveal a pure white you.This revolutionary product contains Activated Carbon proven to lift black impurities for purer, whiter skin.

    It is the first of its kind to be formulated with activated carbon, which works with ‘black attracts black’. Carbon when heated or ‘activated’ become 8x porous; hence increasing its ability to detoxify and gently exfoliate dead skin cells while retaining needed moisture.


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