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Thread: Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 1 & 2

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    Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 1 & 2

    Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 1 & 2

    Taken in Karachi, Pakistan


    The Red Carpet sponsored by Pond's at '
    Fashion Pakistan Week'

    KARACHI: Fashion fans and their companions ran to the Pearl Continental Marquee on Sunday night to be enchanted by the gatherings of eight fashioners on Day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week. While celebrity lane fever hadn’t actually got on and the unlucky deficiency of stars was unquestionably felt, the two individuals that stood out for being recognizably popular were Syed Rizwanullah – with his blonde hair and varied (or unusual!) wardrobe – and model Saima Azher, who looked shocking in a ground length computerized printed dress in turquoise which she matched with a stout jewelry. As organisers rushed in regards to handing-off final moment directions, the runway was ready for what assembled be an enticing marriage of prepared-to-wear with radiant colours and advanced cuts.

    Sonya Battla
    With silks in ivory, dark, teal and red, Sonya Battla opened Fashion Pakistan Week with her accumulation of layered one shoulder tunics. The shapes were liquid and the crepe silk looked ravishing as the models sashayed down the slope under faint lights. The lengths were refreshingly towering, with certain tunics finishing above the knee and some right beneath. Afterward were her dark square prints on teal and ivory chiffon; A-line shirts with pin-tucks and assembles on the neckline and somewhat decorated dark themes on the sleeves. It was delightful to see the variety in Sonya's accumulation, as she presented screen-printed silk ponchos with several-quarter sleeves and an enchanting dark chiffon shalwar. Rabya Chaudhry demonstrated a knee-length one shoulder dark dress with the side tapering off into a wide fringe with multifaceted resham work that got a couple nods. The same resham kaam was perceived on the edging of a bright red shrug conveyed by Iraj and additionally on a shirt displayed by Ayyan that had longer layers at the front and a strap of kaam for the back. Report: Sonya's gathering enveloped an enthralling play on structure, but with a basic colour palette and fabric. There is doubtlessly that the fashioner is an expert with regards to tidy and modern cuts.

    Kuki ideas Zahid Khan's Autumn Winter 2012 gathering was roused by the work of painter Frank Stella. Zahid played with geometrical outlines, creature prints, creases and capes in silk to splendor. His colour palette extended from dark and white with fuchsia pink, to lime greens and pale yellows. The profiles remained greatly structured, with certain dresses fanning out like tutu skirts. Sana Sarfraz displayed a flowy ivory silk dress which was played up by men's ties wrapped around the neck. Every last one of the models wore string spools for hoops, which gave a feeling about the sort of cutting edge vogue Kuki Concepts prides itself on. Iraj took the show with an ultramodern dress that began off as a strap and rolled and layered firm silk in white and grey. Report: Zahid Khan is sure of his wonderful cuts and development, and he showcased that well by showing a variety of fabrics and movements.

    D&F Deepak and Fahad made a design articulation with their keffiyeh accumulation, including a cutting edge turn in a generally Arab adornment. The leading model with his front side secured was a representation of Palestinian luxury warriors' opposite the pitilessness of the Israelis. With dark, white, fuchsia pink and container green as suggestions, the planner team utilized the scarf without anyone else's help and in addition for edgings on men's shirts. Bind down shirts were played up with keffiyeh pockets and internal linings. There was a generally-sewed men's sleeveless coat with keffiyeh trimmings that gathered investment. For the ladies, towering-waisted tapered keffiyeh gasps with a sorry excuse for an edge looked very hip. Report: Unlike what we for the most part see at menswear at style week, D&F's gathering was wearable and basic. They might not have been excessively imaginative concerning structure, yet it is most likely stuff you might need in your wardrobe.

    Ayesha Hasan
    Ayesha Toor opened the show for Ayesha Hasan as she strolled from the closure of the incline in a profound green, flowy chiffon dress matched with a decorated cinch and a brilliant, sparkly sickle and star on her brow. Hasan's gathering was extensively roused by Grecian wrapping, as her dresses began off structured at the top and progressed volume with the skirt. A standout was a wonderful dress in light grey, pastel blue and shining red displayed by stylist Shazdeh Ali Akhtar, which had bunches of layers and volume and a spellbinding peekabo opening at the knee. She expected to make a strong explanation observing Pak-USA relations, with Toor (as Pakistan) holding hands with Akhtar (as USA). Hasan had more shape-fitting dresses which she combined with sheer fabric curtains as togas and capes. She additionally presents Chinese crude silk gasps under a kimono displayed by Nadia Ali. However the standout remained a crčme coloured voluminous ground length dress hitched at the neckline, which was shaken by Iraj. Report: Hasan's colour palette was slender, however her accumulation tried different things with fabric and structure. She is not reluctant to intermingle layers and greatly worked fabric as one unit for an East meets West look.

    Ishtiaq Afzal Khan Khan's gathering titled ‘Desert Rose’ was a showcase of camel tan and leaf green Western wear with a sprinkle of sweltering pink. While the opening models Fayeza and Amna strutted their stuff in ribald sultry pink two-piece tops matched with camel coloured gasps and hooded shirts, there were some other decently-sewed layers, shirts and gasps with an insight of sizzling pink. It was again Iraj that shook a leaf green jumpsuit with a slim portion of smoking pink fabric as a cinch to split the colour. Report: Khan delights in playing with flowy outlines and decreases and tries for an a larger number of male/female than ladylike look.

    Nargis Hafeez It was astounding to see Nabeela Adeel present a gathering that had marriage wear pieces which depended on the restoration of universal gota work and sequins. Her Eastern wear displayed completely weaved shirt fronts with a fun variant of patiyala shalwar in a bright gleaming sati

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