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Thread: Shoes for Little Girls - Eid Collection

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    Shoes for Little Girls - Eid Collection

    Samia Azmay Shahzada- Shoes for Little Girls - Eid Collection

    CB-43 "Ballet for Little Girls" In the classic hounds-tooth, pony skin with a red flower accessory and tie around ribbons for our lovely little ballerina's CB-16 Red/blk: I read this book "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" and on its cover was a picture of a pair of tiny red ballets. Red being the most auspicious color in most east Asian cultures, we thought we must make a tiny red shoe - to bring good luck to its wearer. Red is a very tricky color to work with in adult shoes, but with Shoes For Little Girls, we feel we have complete freedom to experiment with bright vibrant colors and indulge our artistic fancy. So we used almost all our stock of red leather to produce this tiny little work of art! Imported American Ribbed ribbon in black decorates the upper of this shoe which retails 1500 to 2000 depending on the size... CB-27 Pink: We used to call this the nightmare shoe! It was a nightmare to put through production. A trip up north resulted in a meeting with a woman who makes these woolen flowers to decorate the sweaters shes knits by hand. In a burst of inspiration we decided to ask her to make these flowers in bright colors and this is what she came up with. Fast forward a few months and we had these flowers but couldn't find leather to match! Finding the leather for this upper was truly a labor of love and took us months of research and leg work. The shoes were ready for a while and we couldn't decide what to put in the insole. In what was one of the best "Aha" moments of our designing lives, we thought to use this green original ostrich skin in the insole. It works as a perfect companion for the other 2 colors used on the upper and makes the shoe seems more vibrant and alive! The kids wearing these shoes probably won't know this, but the parents should - Ostrich skin: One of the most expensive leathers - sold by the inch & not square foot. We actually have more colors coming up in this designing - just waiting patiently for the matching leather! CB-29 black: We conceptualized this design around Dec 2010, and the inspiration behind it was definitely festive/Christmas-y. We were thinking jingle bells! little girls love baubles (as do the adults - ahem!) and we thought that the decorative element would instantly catch the eye of any little budding fashionista. Watching the little girls make their selection is always incredibly enlightening and fun! They have such definite likes and dislikes in what they choose for themselves. This shoe was made in black leather because the mothers always prefer it as the practical option. However, inside we have lined it with red suede and the insole is cherry red patent so as to appeal to the more imaginative leanings of a child. As a special element we have kept the sole of this shoe purple - which was impossible to source, but once we had it, it went so well with the colors inside, it livened up the whole design. We generally abhor doing staid basic colors - which are so essential from a practical point of view but really boring from a designing perspective. So we always look to give a little twist in every basic color design. Note to customers here: The line of "Shoes For Little Girls" is made exclusively and painstakingly from the best available leather. It is lined with leather as well, which allows the skin of the child's developing foot to breathe. Additionally the sole is made of soft flexible crepe so that it moulds to the shape of a child's foot when she walks.


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