CM said people will travel on metro free for one month, is like this then what will be left after one month is a million Dollar question, but CM got the credit and thinks people will re-elect them (bholi bhali qoum bewaqoof ban bhi tu jati hai juldi sy)

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Some number of schools culd have ben uparded new schools culd have been made or new hospitals but NO our CM sahab wanted to travel in Bus so here we have new transportation system in LAhore which will be out of order in 6 months

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Instead of making new schools, improving infrastructure in the whole of Punjab, improving the condition of dilapidated and falling school structures, improving water regulation for farmers Noora league is busy fooling the Nation by playing such gimmicks

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those idiots who hail Noora saab's efforts of building the Rapid Transport should ask the CM abt the subsidies to the contractor or how does the CM propose to generate revenue for the maintenance of the service and so on. Our Nation is pervaded by fools for whom a Bus Transit system is an enough reason to vote someone in office

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