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    Now you can set MP3 sounds as ringtone in iPhone with iTunes which is very easy and ringtone would be according to your desire.

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    How to use iTunes:

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    If you dont have Itunes software in your computer , you can download and install the latest version from the following Url

    Open the iTunes application and locate the MP3 file you wish to set as your ringtone. Right-click the song title and select the "Get Info" option from the context menu.

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Size:  5.5 KB Click the "Options" tab and place a checkmark next to the "Start Time" and "Stop Time" options. Enter the start time and stop time you noted in the spaces provided and click the "OK" button.

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Size:  5.7 KB Separate this new snippet from the original file. To do so, right-click the song again and select Create ACC version. You should now have two copies of the song, but with different lengths. The shorter one will be your ringtone

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    After you've created the ACC version, click on the original song, select Get Info, and go back to the options screen. Reset the file to play the whole song by setting Start Time at 0 and unchecking End Time.


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Size:  5.4 KB Right-click the ringtone file and select View in Finder (or Show in Windows Explorer). A new window containing both your ringtone file and the original should pop up.

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Size:  5.7 KB Change the ringtone file from a .m4a file to .m4r. Right click and select Rename. Simply change the "a" (for audio) at the end to an "r" (for ringtone).

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Size:  5.7 KB When the dialog box pops up asking if you're sure, click Use .m4r

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Size:  5.1 KB Delete the ACC version of the file from iTunes. Go back to iTunes, and delete the shorter file of the song. Don't delete the original. When the dialog box pops up, click "Keep File".

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Size:  6.2 KB Go back to the Finder window, and double-click on the .m4r file. This will import it to iTunes. Then open iTunes and click on Tones in the left-hand bar. You should find your new .m4r file in here. Drag it to your phone's folder when it's plugged in to your computer, or just sync Tones.

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