Have you ever wanted to read the lyric along with the song youíve chosen to play with your media player?


I personally use MiniLyrics by Crinsoft for the purpose. The reasons why Iíve chosen (not endorsed) the software are:

1) Easy to install and use

2) Never ending trials (*the only drawback is the reminder that appear once early in the lyric window each time the song is started to be played, but considering the time it saved me from not going to lyric sites, 1:1)

3) Compatible with major media players (Realplayers, Winamp, WMP, etc)

4) Huge lyrics database that consists lyrics of both local and international (English) songs

5) Smooth synchronization between lyrics and songs


So what I did was equipping Itunes player installed on my Vista-based computer with the program. You just need to download it from the homepage, read the simple instruction provided, install the software, and get it running. (Should be done within few minutes).

*Donít forget to allow the software to connect to the internet if youíre using a firewall program.

for screenshots and s/w visit:

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